Inspiring and informing about sustainability

Inspiring and informing about sustainability

Tentative Post – What We’ve Been Looking At This Week

Maybe create a “What We’ve Been Looking At This Week” page, with 10-20 articles/videos of consumer/env news, and also products and companies that are green. I know that some of these will help us create the letters, and the links may be in our letters, but there may be some that we don’t discuss, and it would also be nice to have a spot where readers can go to just find articles, without having to read through the letters.

We may want to change this into two separate things — what we have been reading, and products we love. We could have a Products page and then have a subsection for local products and companies, and then one for other products we love?


World’s First Large Scale Area of Acidified Water Found in Arctic Ocean

Package Free Store Opens in NYC

First Mass Produced Edible Cutlery

Cargill Exits Beef Supply To Explore Plant-Based Protein

Eco Food Wrap


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